Limuny #2 – Home

It is not easy, not to do what we usually do
I have been distracting myself all the time from doing them
Trying hard to refrain myself from coming home, a peaceful home with devout smiles everywhere
I was vastly happy because I got a fabulous chance to have families to share my years with
Unless I met this family, I was not sure where would I step into
Thenceforth I started my life here
I did not mind giving half of my years overland, despite what it meant. Nor regret what I have chosen to go through with, since it was worth
Togetherness became stories. Stories have became memories, which will remain and be buried in deep down below the ocean’’s heart
I remember every detail from that time
Laughter we shared when the delightful twilight was coming to surrounded us, with odd and ridiculous bullies but meant to bolster and pacify each other
Breakfast plus two pieces fried we bought every morning from the same place, mbakWik
Songs we used to sing together @ billing
Stories and crying we shared
The chaos and nervousness we got when power outage occurred
But now,
New start shall be passed through by those who leave and cheerfulness of the very home will stay with whom left
I absolutely believe that we will mitigate this syndrome day by day, whether or not we will struggle to
Until the pure feeling is left
Effort only is not adequate, sincere wish and pray will be the rest
Now, mind is wandering around, but it cannot be last for long
This does not mean goodbye but keep thinking it is time to fly
We shall pierce the sky and catch our dreams
We will be the future

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